The Perfect Package for Your Business

Do you feel like you weren’t getting what you need out of your SumTotal Learn Software? For years we’ve been helping companies implement, maintain and manage their SumTotal Learn Sytem We noticed administrators did not have the time to learn all the new features and all implement features of their Learn System.

Additionally, we is learning administrators do not have the time to roadmap the implementation process and explain all the benefits and features of Learn.

Finally, there is a number of things SumTotal just doesn’t have an easy way to do.

That’s what the Sucess Portal is here to help you with.

We will provide monthly training and discuss what’s on your mind. We have build some utilities and advanced reporting templates you can use as a member.

Sumtotal Training and Tools


SumTotal Learn Training

  • How to get the exposure and funding to build your roadmap.
  • How to build the business plan
  • Utilities
  • Unwind ILT
  • Unwind Curriculum
  • Advanced reporting templates and training
  • Input to future developments